Kevin Lampe

Kevin Lampe, Executive Vice President

Lampe is a seasoned political strategist, organizer and media relations expert. Whether it is advance work for the White House or organizing house to house, he produces results.

Lampe’s professional experience includes political campaigns ranging from local library boards to presidential campaigns. He has worked during each presidential election cycle since Governor Mike Dukakis in 1988. He served in variety of senior staff roles – including Director of Communications – for presidential candidates. Additionally, he served as an advance man for President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore.

Lampe is regularly called upon to train his clients to work with the media. He has performed this task for everyone from US Presidential candidates and other elected officials to community leaders and business executives. Since 1996, he has served on the Speaking Tracking Team at each Democratic National Convention –  which handles all the speakers at this event. At the 2004 convention, he worked with then state Senator Barack Obama on his keynote address. In 2012, Lampe was in charge of training for entire Speaking Tracking Team at the Democratic National Convention

Kevin has worked with Hotel Rwanda’s Paul Ruesabegina, Erik Estrada, Ambassadors, CEOs, Senators, and Congressmen. He has worked across the US and in Kosovo, Uganda, Belgium, Albania, Sweden, United Kingdom, Norway, Mali and Macedonia.

At Kurth Lampe, he has helped his clients receive positive media coverage and helped to keep their names out of the paper. When Rosa Parks visited Chicago she turned to Kurth Lampe, and in a period of two days, 57 different news items appeared about her trip. Conversely, a Chicago-based nonprofit had received years of “bad press.” Lampe executed a strategy which not only stopped the writer’s attack but opened a line of communications.

Lampe is an expert in crisis management and litigation public relations. He has developed and executed communications strategies that have resulted in more than $20 million in legal settlements.

Campaign seasons find Lampe “on the road” performing advance work for Presidential candidates. This is not the only time he spent time on the road — from 1984-90 he toured the United States as a professional stand-up comedian.

Lampe is a frequent guest on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight and WBEZ’s 848 and Worldview as well as a regular source for the news media. His work has been recognized by his peers including a Golden Trumpet Award from the Publicity Club of Chicago.

Lampe is the former National President of Phi Kappa Theta National Fraternity. He is a Trustee of Phi Kappa Theta National Foundation. He is a graduate of Western Illinois University. He was a charter member of the Illinois Kappa Mu chapter at WIU and he served as Chapter President, He also serves as Vice President of WorldChicago and is a member of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce Chicago.

His wife Kitty Kurth is the president of their family firm Kurth Lampe. They reside in Chicago, Illinois and Burlington, Wisconsin.